Rugby is, for reasons which can be listed all day, the best sport in the world. From having some of the most charged environments of passionate players and fans to being a sport of the most decent athletes, the justification is vast. New Zealand is a nation that shows the true embodiment of the love for rugby.

The greatest sport obviously deserves a great website, and this is it. Dakshin is the home of sporting passion, with articles touching on all matters rugby, addressed in style and confidence.

NZ Rugby

The passion for the game in New Zealand needs no explaining. This section has articles describing why there is so much fanaticism, such as great players, and a detailed explanation of the national team.

The All Blacks

Almost synonymous with the word ‘rugby,’ the All Blacks have been present at every milestone which the game has made. They have won almost everything there is to offer, set records and produced some of the greatest players in the sport. For those reasons, this particular section has been dedicated to the team.

Top Rugby Countries

Rugby is a sport of the world, and this site gives consideration to that. It looks at the different countries which have dominated both the sevens and 15s style of rugby.

The Rugby World Cup

This is one of the most significant events in the calendar of rugby. It is the greatest chance for most countries to come together and battle it out, literally. A special section looks at its history and discovers the favourite teams to win the current championship.