A rugby player is shocked when he bites his opponent’s hand with his teeth

Although he justified the opponent’s hand in his mouth that he could not breathe, so the player Kevin Proctor still had to receive a 4-week suspension.

The controversial situation came in the second half match between Gold Coast Titans and Cronulla at the New Zealand Rugby League last weekend. After a dispute, the arm of Shaun Johnson (Cronulla) suddenly lies in the mouth of Kevin Proctor (Titans). Incidentally, Proctor was “carefree” biting his colleague.

Because of the pain, Johnson had to raise his arm and notify the referee. On the opposite side, Proctor was accused of being strangled by the opponent in the neck. After consulting with his assistants, the black king quickly disqualified Proctor. Without the captain, Titans played like a chicken with hair, from a 12-12 draw to a loss with the score 18-30.

However, the bad luck with Proctor is not over here. On August 19, the tournament held a hearing to resolve the recent incident. Proctor’s argument sparked a controversy among fans. “He deliberately inserted his arm into my mouth. Can’t breathe, I just bite him.”

Some people spoke out to protect Proctor and assumed that it was Johnson who was the bad player. The rest condemned, saying that he was deliberately biting the opponent.

After listening to the statements of both sides, the organizers determined Proctor was at fault and banned him from playing for 4 weeks. According to New Zealand media, Proctor is partially imitated because he has not made any serious mistakes in the past 7 years.

For their part, Proctor and the management club said they accepted this penalty and would not appeal.