About the defense team in rugby

The defense team in rugby (American Football) includes the positions:

Defensive End (DE): Tail Defense Midfielder (2 Persons)

Defensive / Nose Tackle (DT / NT): Defensive Midfielder blocking / nose. (1-2 people)

Outside Linebacker (OLB): Outside midfielder (1-2)

Inside Linebacker / Middle Linebacker (ILB / MLB): Internal defensive midfielder (1-2 people)

Cornerback (CB): Corner Defender

Safety (S): Deep Defender

  • Defense midfield: Including 3 or 4 defensive midfielders lined up in parallel with attacking midfielders, we call this defensive midfield (Defensive line). The two sides at the end of the row include two Defensive end Midfielders (DE), inside are one or two Defensive tackle midfielders, depending on the defensive formation. The main task of the players playing in this position is to prevent the opponent’s new attacking team from shortening the distance to the Endzone by blocking the run and squeezing the opponent center.
  • Defense midfield: Includes 2-4 defensive midfielders. Originally the term Linebacker describes the work of defensive midfielders, ie “backing up the line”, in which “Line” refers to Defensive Line. The role of linebackers is similar to that of midfield, combined with blocking short-throw lines from the center.
  • Defensive defender: The defensive defender plays the role of preventing the midfielder’s throws from reaching the hands of a group of skilled players, defenders can either break the ball by hand or block the ball and help his team gain the right to attack. Corner defenders often line up to face the Striker catching the ball and participating in man-to-man defense or zone defense. Safety is the deepest position in the defensive formation, similar to the position of Sweeper in football, their mission is to participate in organizing regional defenses, intercepting deep passes along the boundary line (in the defense method of cover 2 and cover 6) or the lines thrown down the middle of the pitch (in the method of cover 1, cover 3 and cover 4)

Deep Defender includes 2 types: Free Safety – FS (Plug Defender) and Strong Safety – SS (Back Defender). The Plug defender is often involved in hitting the deep ball while the Back Defender will join the support phase to prevent the run with the Midfielders & Midfielders in running situations.