About the Offense team in rugby

The offense team in rugby includes the positions:

Center (C): Central midfielder (serve) (1 person)

Offensive Guard (OG): Inner midfielder (2 people)

Offensive Tackle (OT): Outside Midfielder (2 people)

Quarterback (QB): Center (1 person)

Half Back / Running Back (HB / RB): Midfielder running (1-2 people)

Full Back / Set Back (FB / H-Back): Defender running (1 person)

Wide Receiver (WR): Striker catching the ball (2-4 people)

Tight End (TE): Midfielder tail (1-3 people), this position is a combination of midfield and striker catching the ball

Attacking midfield: Arranged along the horizontal lines on the field. Five Offensive Line Midfielders including Center Midfielders (Center) in the middle, two inside midfielders (Guard), on the outside there are two Outside Midfielders (Tackle) – usually a tall man most on the football field. The Tight End midfielder will be combined into a tactical pair (Formations) depending on the game situation. Midfielders have two main tasks: defending the Center and creating a running path for the center-back to run. The NFL attacking midfield has an average height and weight of 1.95 meters and 141 kg.

Group of skills: Skill groups (Skill positions), which are groups of players often responsible for scoring points on the field, including Wide receiver, Running back, and Tight end , and Defender (Full Back). These players join the attack by receiving the ball from the center and then run (defender, center-back runs), or catch the ball from the center and then run (all positions). The position of the striker is also in this group because the striker has the right to run and score.

Center: Quarterback position is often considered the most important player on the attacking team in particular, and the whole team in general. The striker holds the position of captain because he holds the right to distribute the ball during the match by throwing the ball (for the skill group) or serving the ball (“Handing-off”) to the running center-back. The midfielder is always behind the central midfielder to receive the ball, the distance between him and the serve depends on the characteristics of each tactical formation.

In order to play the position of Center, players need to have good vision, precise throw and leadership qualities.