ASIAD and some typical sports

The audience in Southeast Asia is no stranger to sports such as clouds and wushu, but the world is different because it is not the basic sports of the Olympic Games. The same is for rugby 7 people.


A sport that combines volleyball and soccer. A group of players will show their skills to control the ball in the air, before attacking the opponent. In the fighting genre, each team has three people and has a rule similar to volleyball.

A pitcher, a blocker and a defender near the line. A huge difference between the ball and the volleyball is that the players can touch the ball more than once, of course without using their hands.

Malaysia and Thailand are the leading countries in the world, but they may not be able to hold that position anymore because the sport is quite widespread. At ASIAD this time, China is the delegation with the most athletes of cloud bridge (29), not Thailand.

Thailand and Malaysia are only strong in the fighting genre, while in the regu (performance), Myanmar is the number one. Yesterday, Myanmar won 2 gold medals in the regu doubles content for men and women.

Rugby Sevens

With only 7 people per team, Rugby Sevens is a miniature version of rugby in the world (with 15 people / team). The most popular sport in the southern hemisphere will launch the Olympic Games in Rio 2016.

Rugby Sevens is one of the bright spots at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Each match consists of only two innings and each half lasts only 7 minutes, and the half-time break is only 1 minute. The speciality of this subject is the speed and the scoring phase extremely fast. Reason: With an open pitch and a limited number of players, the chance to score is very high.

Like football, this sport is quite easy to play. All you need is a ball and a grass field. The game rules are similar to normal rugbuys. The goal of the game is to send the ball into the backcourt, or shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal.

New Zealand has dominated rugby sevens since its inception. In Asia, Japan is considered the number one power. At ASIAD this time, the men’s and women’s content of rugby sevens will compete on September 30 and October 1.

Africa hopeful of three rugby sevens teams at 2020 Olympics ...


Wushu is traditional Chinese martial arts in two forms of the antagonism (Sanda) and performance (Taolu). Famous actor Jet Li is an excellent disciple of Taolu.

Sanda is comparable to kickbox / Muay Thai, but has more grappling movements, and that is the foundation for athletes to compete. Taolu is considered to be more popular than Sanda in competitions when athletes have to show a certain number of movements to score. Depending on the content, athletes can use weapons to perform or not.

Wushu was nominated for competitions at the 2020 Olympic Games, but was eventually dismissed. At ASIAD this time, Wushu has up to 15 medal sets.