Athletes recruit national volunteers as ambulance drivers against COVID-19

While all over Italy was fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic, international rugby player Maxime Mbanda volunteered to be an emergency driver in the city of Parma. He asserted that as long as there was an emergency case, it would have him. 

On March 14, Maxime Mbanda should have played with the Italian national rugby team against England. Still, due to COVID-19, the match had to be postponed.

He wears a mask, protective clothing and drives an ambulance, joins in the Golden Cross of Parma City (Emilia-Romagna region), one of the areas COVID-19 outbreak was the heaviest.

After a day of providing masks, food, and prescriptions, he felt he could do better. Mbanda helps positive patients transfer to an area with an ambulance stretcher, assists them in a wheelchair or oxygen.

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Maxime Mbanda says doctors and nurses are on duty for 20 or 22 hours a day.

He explained that what he witnessed was that people of all ages wear oxygen masks, doctors and nurses are on duty for 20 or 22 hours a day. They did not sleep for a whole day and try to rest the following day.

Maxime Mbanda said treating patients as if they were relatives or relatives. Still, he was afraid.

Although he was a bit worried, he was determined to continue his work: “I started eight days ago, didn’t have a day off, and did a 12 or 13-hour rotation. But opposite what I saw in the rooms. infected, I told myself I can’t be tired. “

In the Italian team, Maxime Mbanda was used to confronting more vigorous opponents, so he determined not to give up.

He insisted that as long as he had strength, he would continue. He was there, and he would continue there. As long as there was an emergency case, there would be him.