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The Scottish U20 star is appreciated to have their first home game at Edinburgh

Jack Blain has his first home game for the club as Edinburgh Rugby faces Connacht at BT Murrayfield in Round 3 of the Guinness PRO14 this Sunday (October 25). Blain, a Scotland U20 star, was placed at

About the defense team in rugby

The defense team in rugby (American Football) includes the positions: Defensive End (DE): Tail Defense Midfielder (2 Persons) Defensive / Nose Tackle (DT / NT): Defensive Midfielder blocking / nose. (1-2 people) Outside Linebacker (OLB): Outside midfielder

A rugby player is shocked when he bites his opponent’s hand with his teeth

Although he justified the opponent’s hand in his mouth that he could not breathe, so the player Kevin Proctor still had to receive a 4-week suspension. The controversial situation came in the second half match between Gold

The American team was sued for sending many messages to fans

Jerry Wojcik sued the Buffalo Bills for sending 6-7 text messages a week while it was reported that there were no more than 5. Rugby seems to be part of American culture. In famous football teams in America,

Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 3)

After Morgan began to sing, the crowd of fans immediately followed. It was the first time a national anthem had been played before a sporting event began. In 1905 France and England met in the first official

Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 2)

The first rugby match took place on March 27, 1871 between Scotland and England. Scotland won 1: 1. By 1881 both Ireland and Wales had a team, and in 1883 they organized the first international tournament called

Zealand’s 10 most legendary rugby players (Part 2)

Richie McCaw Richie McCaw’s impressive career is, for many, as commendable as – if not more noticeable – Colin Meads’ achievements. He made his debut in All Blacks in 2001 and has won 32% of the team’s

Zealand’s 10 most legendary rugby players (Part 1)

Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, and the country is famous for being a strong candidate in both domestic and international arenas. With many legendary players carving out a positive reputation, it’s hard to pick

Find out the rules of American football

Rugby is the most popular sport in the US, it ranks above both soccer and on par with basketball. Let’s find out about this subject to know why they like it so much. American football is a

It took 50 seconds for rugby players to knock down MMA fighters

The Arrow Street Fight event witnessed a surprise when a professional MMA fighter suffered a defeat before an amateur puncher who was a rugby player. In the Arrow Street Fight event: Moscow Finale, the match between Daniel