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Zealand’s 10 most legendary rugby players (Part 2)

Richie McCaw Richie McCaw’s impressive career is, for many, as commendable as – if not more noticeable – Colin Meads’ achievements. He made his debut in All Blacks in 2001 and has won 32% of the team’s

Zealand’s 10 most legendary rugby players (Part 1)

Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, and the country is famous for being a strong candidate in both domestic and international arenas. With many legendary players carving out a positive reputation, it’s hard to pick

Find out the rules of American football

Rugby is the most popular sport in the US, it ranks above both soccer and on par with basketball. Let’s find out about this subject to know why they like it so much. American football is a

It took 50 seconds for rugby players to knock down MMA fighters

The Arrow Street Fight event witnessed a surprise when a professional MMA fighter suffered a defeat before an amateur puncher who was a rugby player. In the Arrow Street Fight event: Moscow Finale, the match between Daniel

New Zealand rugby – a team worth watching (Part 2)

The main stars of rugby – New Zealand Perhaps the brightest team in this game is New Zealand’s team. They are called All Blacks. You may be completely ignorant of rugby, but this team is really a

New Zealand rugby – a team worth watching (Part 1)

Rugby is not one of the most popular in post-Soviet countries, although it is a very bright and entertaining sport. But he has a large number of fans all over the world. This career is for athletes

Athletes recruit national volunteers as ambulance drivers against COVID-19

While all over Italy was fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic, international rugby player Maxime Mbanda volunteered to be an emergency driver in the city of Parma. He asserted that as long as there was an emergency case,