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About the Offense team in rugby

The offense team in rugby includes the positions: Center (C): Central midfielder (serve) (1 person) Offensive Guard (OG): Inner midfielder (2 people) Offensive Tackle (OT): Outside Midfielder (2 people) Quarterback (QB): Center (1 person) Half Back /

About the defense team in rugby

The defense team in rugby (American Football) includes the positions: Defensive End (DE): Tail Defense Midfielder (2 Persons) Defensive / Nose Tackle (DT / NT): Defensive Midfielder blocking / nose. (1-2 people) Outside Linebacker (OLB): Outside midfielder

The American team was sued for sending many messages to fans

Jerry Wojcik sued the Buffalo Bills for sending 6-7 text messages a week while it was reported that there were no more than 5. Rugby seems to be part of American culture. In famous football teams in America,

Rugby – the dangerous sport you should remember (Part 2)

Unique gameplay An American football team can be up to 40-50 people, divided into 3 small teams including attacking team, defensive team and mixed team or special team. The 7 above rows of people include the center

Rugby – the dangerous sport you should remember (Part 1)

The phrase “football” often reminds people of the sport of King originating in England. But in America, if it comes to football, it means referring to the subject that we often call rugby, or simply “American football”.  It

Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 3)

After Morgan began to sing, the crowd of fans immediately followed. It was the first time a national anthem had been played before a sporting event began. In 1905 France and England met in the first official

Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 2)

Rugby is popular in many countries, including: Argentina, Australia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Wales, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Fiji, Georgia, Japan, Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Samoa, Spain, Tonga, United States, and Uruguay. The more popular

Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 1)

Rugby is a two-team team sport that competes with an oval on the football field that was played in English schools throughout the 19th century. In Rugby Union, each team will have 15 people, the ball weighs

ASIAD and some typical sports

The audience in Southeast Asia is no stranger to sports such as clouds and wushu, but the world is different because it is not the basic sports of the Olympic Games. The same is for rugby 7 people.

The best movies about rugby of all time

Almost all of America loves all kinds of sports, including rugby not only play to satisfy the passion but it also gives us tough health, the positive factors. That has attracted many directors exploiting the film for