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Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 2)

Rugby is popular in many countries, including: Argentina, Australia, England, France, Ireland, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa, Wales, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Fiji, Georgia, Japan, Namibia, Portugal, Romania, Samoa, Spain, Tonga, United States, and Uruguay. The more popular

Rugby – Where does rugby come from? – The best answer for you (Part 1)

Rugby is a two-team team sport that competes with an oval on the football field that was played in English schools throughout the 19th century. In Rugby Union, each team will have 15 people, the ball weighs

ASIAD and some typical sports

The audience in Southeast Asia is no stranger to sports such as clouds and wushu, but the world is different because it is not the basic sports of the Olympic Games. The same is for rugby 7 people.

The best movies about rugby of all time

Almost all of America loves all kinds of sports, including rugby not only play to satisfy the passion but it also gives us tough health, the positive factors. That has attracted many directors exploiting the film for

Football player catches robbers by practicing MMA

Rugby players are known to be the most violent athletes in sports, but in this situation, violence is done more methodically. It is the story of the theft of Alex Armah – 24-year-old rugby player of Carolina

The world rugby tournament opens the door for Japan to come to God

God is using the world rugby tournament to break the gospel barrier in Japan – a country that loves sports. Marty Woods, along with his wife, Jenny, is working with 14 football teams from countries participating in

What will the rugby World Cup mean to New Zealand? (Part 2)

No significant effects The results from my own doctoral study show that demonstrating the government’s participation in the provision of sports facilities and organizing major international-oriented events on the basis of economic impact. New Zealand is very

The best places to see rugby in New Zealand (Part 2)

Trafalgar Park (Nelson) Trafalgar Park is one of New Zealand’s oldest sports grounds – and among the most unusual. The surface of the yard is made of environmentally friendly recycled glass that looks a lot like sand.

The best places to see rugby in New Zealand (Part 1)

Rugby is a game that combines local crowds, whether it’s international, national or community level. If you are eager to watch a match, here are some of the country’s best venues. Eden Park (Auckland) New Zealand’s largest

New Zealand rugby – a team worth watching (Part 2)

The main stars of rugby – New Zealand Perhaps the brightest team in this game is New Zealand’s team. They are called All Blacks. You may be completely ignorant of rugby, but this team is really a