Football player catches robbers by practicing MMA

Rugby players are known to be the most violent athletes in sports, but in this situation, violence is done more methodically.

It is the story of the theft of Alex Armah – 24-year-old rugby player of Carolina Panthers (USA). In December last year, he had a car theft (unsuccessful) should have attached camera systems and alarms connected to the phone.

The first thief, unfortunately, failed to steal the car, the other thief was even more unlucky than that. He was discovered trying to unlock Alex Armah’s car and of course the inevitable clash after that.

Cầu thủ bóng bầu dục bắt cướp nhờ tự tập MMA

Fortunately, Alex Armah used the armbar to control rather than use this body to ram the opponent like a football game.

The idea of ​​stealing will be done by the terrifying slash that is a specialty of rugby players, but Alex Armah fell down the thief and restrained him by lying armbar until police intervened. Interestingly, the Armbar is quite simple but still requires a certain skill, but Alex Armah was able to do it by self-learning MMA on TV.

Due to the ability to break the opponent’s elbow joint at any time, the armbar is an extremely powerful skill to control the opponent. At least you can control the trauma caused rather than a kick-off of rugby.

When asked about the technique he used in the car thieves’ catch, Alex Armah confessed that he only practiced MMA methodically: “I’m the youngest of four siblings. We often watch performing wrestlers and MMA since I was little. So I did MMA on my own and the armbar wasn’t strange”.

Cầu thủ bóng bầu dục bắt cướp nhờ tự tập MMA

According to police information, the car thief named Daniel Cagle is even “bigger” than Alex Armah, a football player who is already 1m87 tall and weighs 102kg. So it can be seen that the armbar that Armah uses is really effective!