It took 50 seconds for rugby players to knock down MMA fighters

The Arrow Street Fight event witnessed a surprise when a professional MMA fighter suffered a defeat before an amateur puncher who was a rugby player.

In the Arrow Street Fight event: Moscow Finale, the match between Daniel Aleev and Samenov Mihail is the most awaited confrontation by the special of these two boxers.

Daniel Aleev, originally a rugby player of the local team, he regularly practices and competes on the sand on the coast of Strelka where the Arrow Street Fight tournament takes place. Aleev hopes that the hard training in rugby will help him defeat Samenov Mihail, an MMA fighter from Rod Club of the Russian capital.

Mihail is a young boxer, he just played a single match and won.

Cau thu  Rugby danh bai vo si MMA anh 1

When the match started, Mihail (black shirt) with technical advantage quickly defeated Aleev twice on the sand. Afterwards, Mihail tried to end the match with a footlock. However, rugby player Aleev with better health has escaped and is in a good position to launch continuous blows.

Mihail could only fend off and the referee was forced to stop the match with a technical knockout for Mihail in the 50th half of the first half.

Cau thu  Rugby danh bai vo si MMA anh 2

This is not the first time Aleev confronted professional MMA fighters. Last month, he defeated the two fists of Club Rod in another event at the Arrow Street Fight.

Arrow Street Fight is a martial arts tournament held since 2011 in Russia. The interesting feature of this tournament is that boxers can attend regardless of age and profession just need to pass health tests.

Watching the matches at Arrow Street Fight, the audience will be delighted to see lawyers, soccer players, office workers, professional MMA fighters confront each other directly.