Jamal Adams: I don’t think Adam Gase could handle certain situations well

Jamal Adams finally fulfilled his wish in the summer when he traded with Seahawks and moved from Big Apple to Pacific Northwest.

His new team met the team he really wanted to leave on Sunday. Adams spoke on Friday on the condition of the Jets. This is the only team that did not win its first season championship. This is the company’s amazing deal to bring Adams to Seattle in exchange for two. A first-round draft pick, a third-round draft pick and news from the Seahawks Bradley McDougald.

He is honest, as he mentioned, starting with his former head coach, his morale has been low throughout his life while playing for New York.

“We have a strong relationship. I don’t hate Adam Gas, I don’t have any problems with Adam Gas, I just don’t think he can handle certain situations like a coach. The person in charge,” Adams said. “That’s just my opinion. Everyone has the right to express their own opinions, right?… I don’t hate Adam. Obviously, things are not making positive progress”.

“If Adam walked to my side and shook hands with me, I would shake hands with him and would not lose any love. Listen, I am at peace, man, I am another man, I am really a man. I still have to talk about my noise, but I’m okay with that man.”

Gase has been sitting firmly on the Jets’ hot seat since the start of the 0-12 game, and Sunday does not seem to be the perfect opportunity for his team to end the losing streak. Adams was the best player last season. Despite losing Sam Danold at the beginning of the season, New York still defeated the opponent 7-9.

In the absence of Adams, the Jets are clearly inferior to their record differences for more than one reason. Former Adams defense coordinator Gregg Williams (Gregg Williams) lost his job this week after making an overwhelming decision after his 13th week in Las Vegas and making the final decision.

Williams was lucky to prepare Adams to deal with crime. Adams intends to do the same thing as the Seahawks, this time chasing his former teammate.

Seattle (8-4) is excited about the chance to win after another giants in New York last week. Safety indicators play an important role in the game. We must let the action unfold and check with Adams at the end to see if he has any goodbyes to his old team.

On Friday, he flew on the highway.