New Zealand rugby – a team worth watching (Part 1)

Rugby is not one of the most popular in post-Soviet countries, although it is a very bright and entertaining sport. But he has a large number of fans all over the world.

This career is for athletes who are strong, healthy and courageous. Every match is a real event where emotions are going crazy. Viewers witnessed an interesting show.

Rugby history

Home football, like football, is England. 1823 is considered the year of the sport’s appearance. The creator of rugby is called Webb Ellis. It is named after him that trophy, which today is awarded to the world champions. This game is named for the city of Rugby in England, where they invented this sport. At first, there were no clear rules of the game. It was not until 1871 that the Rugby Football Union appeared, whose mission was to approve the rules. A moment later, the first official match was held. Between them play England and Scotland. Twenty years later, the International Rugby League was founded. Today, about a hundred countries are members of it, such as Australia, Georgia, New Zealand, and France. Rugby is considered an amateur sport for a long time, meaning that athletes cannot make money. Only in 1995 did rugby become professional.

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In 2016, after nearly 100 years of absence, the sport returned to the Olympic program. The strongest teams in the world will compete at the Olympic Games in Rio.


In rugby, the game is divided into two halves, lasting 40 minutes. Each team has 15 players. Players are distributed by location. The opponent has eight players in each battle, in other words, forward. Their main function is to fight for the ball, they play in combination, responsible for creating favorable situations for the ball transfer. The team has half a scrum. This is the player who is the manager of the scrum game. An important player is the number 10 – midfielder, distributor of the ball. One of its main functions is to fool the opponent. This is the dispatcher and the brain of the team. Behind him are four defensive players. They must create a barrier for all players are closed.

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There are several ways to earn points:

1) Five points can be earned if you can bring the ball to the finish line and land there.

2) Two more points can be reached immediately after sliding. The player draws an imaginary line perpendicular to where the ball is landed. Then he achieved the goal. Score is scored if the ball crosses the crossbar.

3) An additional three points can be earned in two ways: in making a penalty and as a result of a shot on goal when played with a bounce.

A different feature is that the foot can be played in any direction and the hand cannot pass the ball forward. You can only catch a player when the ball is in his possession.