New Zealand rugby – a team worth watching (Part 2)

The main stars of rugby – New Zealand

Perhaps the brightest team in this game is New Zealand’s team. They are called All Blacks. You may be completely ignorant of rugby, but this team is really a media.

This is a very original team, with their own style and chip. Very interesting are their dances before the match. These are called hacks. This is a military dance that even before the start of the game to suppress the opponent’s morals. Such a dance is popular in rugby around the world. This team is a 3-time world rugby champion. New Zealand is the only team that managed to do this three times. They are favorites of any contest. Every team needs to strive for their level. This is a modern role model in this sport.

Most recently, the last World Cup. The strongest teams in the world have come to England to determine the best team. The main favorites are South Africa, Australia, New Zealand.

Rugby in these countries is very popular. One of the most spectacular is the New Zealand – Georgia game. Rugby is developing very active in both countries. It was a match in which there were many struggles. Audiences have real fun, though the advantages of New Zealanders are too great. But the Georgia team defended very effectively. At the Rugby World Cup, New Zealand – Argentina also fought hard, but the future champions won. Favorite semi-finals, South Africa against New Zealand and Argentina against Australia, New Zealand and Australia emerged victorious from their battles. The teams met in the final. The winners are New Zealand’s team. France performed poorly. This is a country with a strong domestic championship. At the World Cup, the defeat ended New Zealand – France. Rugby in France is quite popular, so in the next championship you should expect that the team will complement.

But the best team of our time is New Zealand. This is a popular sports team. This is a team that will not bore fans. She doesn’t just play, she creates a truly mesmerizing show.