Scotland has won five consecutive victories for only the second time in its professional era (Part 2)

Italy was forced to pull down the squad and with the advantage of a penalty in his pocket, Scotland was somewhat armored in a series of crashes before van der Merwe swung out from the flank through a gap and brought them up the board.

Weir’s switch pushes them forward but only for two minutes when the host strikes again with a stun. Marco Zanon flew Weir’s top pass in a reckless style before Marcello Violi and Mattia Bellini pinned some quick tackles around Chris Harris and Hogg before Minozzi plunged down to complete a classic score. Garbisi’s transformation, however, was on the right track.

Italy’s lead was extended to seven points two minutes after the shift ended as Garbisi took another penalty. A forward pass from Sam Johnson denied Weir’s return shortly thereafter as TMO intervened to warn referee Luke Pearce. But officials were unable to detect anything wrong with Fagerson’s contact four minutes later when Italy confusing the shutdown to allow the team to linger on the street.

A few brave, flat passes from Weir put Scotland into the Italian 22nd round but Fagerson was almost unbelievable in his luck as the home team stopped at the dead end when Hamish Watson’s load from the floor deviated. out of Jake Polledri’s hand in his and had to be told to fall by his teammates before the Azzurri could catch himself.

Weir’s transition has yielded the same score but Italy has returned significantly. However, they will certainly be disappointed as they can only get another Garbisi penalty from a raid that looks very promising at one stage. Although the Italians continued to lose Polledri through injury, the Scots still had to do it all in the final half but one big change for Watson was the motivation for the change they needed.

Substitute Turner poked a huge hole in the Italian defense as Cummings had the perfect direction to dash through the line in a decisive situation. Turner then earned bonus points with four minutes remaining as Italian resistance collapsed in the face of another Scottish squad.