The best movies about rugby of all time

Almost all of America loves all kinds of sports, including rugby not only play to satisfy the passion but it also gives us tough health, the positive factors. That has attracted many directors exploiting the film for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some of the best rugby movies.

Gridiron Gang

The film revolves around teenagers at a juvenile detention center. Under the leadership of a former rugby player-do The Rock takes on the role and what makes viewers excited when he was also a rugby player in the past. Through this game, the teenagers have found the true meaning of life, and found great friends and teammates.

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The Blind Side

An African-American teenager homeless and fortunate to be supported by a family helps him make new friends, create conditions for schooling, which makes him no longer self-deprecating. Thanks to these lucky turning points that helped his sports talent be revealed, he became one of the characters recognized by the world. It is also thanks to his appearance that brings the bonds of family members more.


The protagonist is young Daniel Eugene with the nickname Rudy and a dream to play rugby at the University of Notre Dame. Shortly afterward, that dream was gradually realized when he initially had certain successes at the local high school. However, he still lacks a huge amount of money to reach his dream. To get money, he started working at a local steel factory and had a close friend named Pete. But Pete died from an explosion in the factory, which urged him to fulfill his dream faster than ever.

Remember The Titan

The film is based on a true story that happened to the football team of TC William’s school in the US in 1971. A team is in turmoil due to racial discrimination. Herman Boone was hired to be the head coach, with his enthusiasm and hard-working attitude helping students to revive their morale, the crack of conflict that ever healed. They become more respectful and cherished, together unite to be able to win the opponent.

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When The Game Tall Stands

Like “Remember the titans,” this is also a football movie about the legendary rugby coach Bob Ladouceur. The man who led the De La Salle High School team from immense abyss to reach victories in 151 consecutive matches, setting a record of this sport in the United States.

Facing The Giant

It’s a famous movie about faith, giving you a humanistic lesson: you can do whatever you want because human limits are timeless. In 6 years, coach Grant Taylor has never led his team to success. The difficulty did not stop there when he had to continue to receive information about his infertile wife, many who demanded his dismissal. With an extreme extreme present he cried to God, and faith brought him greater success in life.

Ballers The film is based on the true stories of former and current rugby players and is typically the one-time superstar Spencer Strasmore. When his career was no longer at its peak, he retired but still advised the players to practice daily. The film not only depicts the joy but also the difficult corner. The best football movies are not only appealing to viewers because of the storyline but also the human values ​​that the film sends. Enjoy it now.