In every tournament, there are favourites who are expected to win. There are also underdogs who do not have great chances of winning though at times they pull surprises and get a good result. This analysis helps gamblers and other people to predict the possible outcome. Such an article may be of help, or you can even listen to pundit analysis, or you can also do the analysis yourself using past stats. The potential front-running winners of the 2019 Rugby World Cup are as follows.

New Zealand

With the 2019 world cup already underway and into the semi-finals, New Zealand is one of the teams still in the competition and have displayed outstanding performances throughout the tournament they have proven their desire to retain the title for the third time in a row. They finished first in a pool of five teams and are facing England in the semi-final clash. They have fine players looking to deliver the trophy back home again.


Another team that stands a chance to win the much-coveted world cup title is England. The team coached by Eddie Jones assisted by John Mitchell has to put in an exemplary performance in the semi-final game against New Zealand.


The Wales national team is already in the 2019 world cup semi-final, and they are going to face off with South Africa to contest for a place in the final. The team finished top of pool D. Following their good results in the tournament, their fans expect a win from the team.

South Africa

This is the only African team remaining in the tournament. They also stand a chance to win the competition once they beat Wales in the semi-final tie that will be played on the 27th of October. They finished second in their pool after New Zealand, and they will be looking forward to beating them in case they meet in the final.