Top 10 greatest rugby players of all time

If you are a fan of rugby, you shouldn’t miss this article. We will continue to discuss top the best greatest rugby players of all time. This is overview about rugby which is one of the most popular sport in the world recently, especially the young. It’s great to play rugby with your team. It can support to connect your friendship better and closer. Furthermore, rugby is a sport to boost your body stronger and durable.

5/ David Campese

David Campese is considered as the greatest winger and fullback of rugby in the history of Australia history as well the world. He is also popular with super skill to avoid tackling of the opponents which is called “goose-step”.

In his career, he achieved 101 caps in the Australian national rugby team with 315 points. Besides it, he also was a member of New South Wales club with 56 caps and 114 points.

In 1991, he was voted as the best player in rugby world cup. This award remarked his success in rugby.

4/ Michael Jones

He was a player in the New Zealand national rugby team then became the coach of Samoa rugby team before his retirement in 2008. He was granted as one the most offensive players of all time for the rugby career. He had nickname as the Iceman.

During his career in the New Zealand All Back, he reached 55 caps with 56 points. He also was voted in the third best ranking in the All Black team for 20th century.

3/ Dan Carter

He is considered as one of the highest point scorer in Test match rugby with the greatest first-five eighth. During his career, he reached 1442 points and 100 caps for New Zealand national team the All Blacks. Then he moved to Crusaders in Super Rugby with 128 caps and 1581 points. Before finishing the rugby career, he played at Canterbury provincial team with 289 points.