Top 10 greatest rugby players of all time

Rugby is a young sport in the world. To understand detail about rugby, this article will share top 10 greatest rugby players of all time. The fact that it is a difficult task because we don’t have a correct definition about a great rugby player. We make the ranking based on their talent and ability on the pitch considerably.

10/ Paul O’Connell

He is the myth and the legend of rugby who is the most respected men in the rugby history. He was a commander and leader for his team to compete other competitors in the world with many victories. Furthermore, he also was a towering giant when he always played excellently in his team.

9/ Shane Williams

He was from the Welsh. He made magical report with amazing 58 tries in 87 games for this nation. By his special and unique talent, he defeated many competitors and has been remembered with blistering pace and phenomenal feet.

8/ Johnny Wilkinson

He is an excellent player about rugby when he never has been defeated by any opponent in his time. But it’s unlucky that he made an injury so he can’t continue his rugby career when he still was young.

7/ Martin Johnson

Martin Johnson is highly appreciated as a fantastic player all the time. He played an important role for a leadership quality demonstrating between England and the Lions. His ability and talent has been proved during his career with series of achievements and rewards.

6/ Keith Wood

Keith Wood became the best IRB world player in 2001. By his blistering pace and magical feet, he led his team to overcome many opponents in the world with many records. He was granted as a phenomenal and fantastic rugby player on the pitch.