Rugby is an exciting sport that has different styles of play. One of these is the rugby 7s which is the most famous form of rugby. The rugby 7s has a world cup competition of its own which is different from the Rugby World Cup. This competition was first held in Scotland in 1993 and England emerged as victors. It has been played every four years ever since it was started. There are some great countries who are dominant in this competition. Here are some of them.

New Zealand

This is a very dominant country in terms of this sport. It has bagged a number of trophies whenever there is a rugby competition. Both the male and female teams are very much impressive. Both teams were the first sevens outfits to defend the sevens rugby cup title in the 2018 series. The men’s team has now won this competition 3 times, and the women’s team has won it two times.


This is a very great country that has an outstanding team. Their team was the first team ever to win a Rugby Sevens World competition. It has never won the competition ever since. However, it has had great seasons over the years. This team has never won the Sevens World Rugby Series. It has had a number of great moments as it has appeared in the second and third position.


This is a country with world-class rugby players. They are regarded as one of the core teams in the rugby series. This team has never won the Sevens World Rugby Series but has proved to be very competitive over the years. It won the Sevens Rugby World title in 2009.


This country is a great force in the rugby sevens. It has won a number of titles in the Sevens Rugby Series. It also won the 1997 and 2005 World Rugby titles.