Zealand’s 10 most legendary rugby players (Part 1)

Rugby is the national sport of New Zealand, and the country is famous for being a strong candidate in both domestic and international arenas. With many legendary players carving out a positive reputation, it’s hard to pick out the most iconic.

But here are 10 things that make a difference.

Charles Monro

Without Charles Monro, there would be no New Zealand rugby. The young Nelson introduced the sport to New Zealand upon returning from England, where he was pursuing a military career according to his father’s wishes. Monro teaches game rules to the Nelson Football Club, arranges matches with other teams, and helps rugby mania spread from its South Island town to all provinces of New Zealand.

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Jonah Lomu

With impressive speed, an impressive physique and a penchant for rushing to the defensive side, Jonah Lomu quickly became a force to be reckoned with when it debuted in 1994. Opponents looked at him with equal admiration and fear – especially after witnessing the audacity of his rampage through some English players at the 1995 World Cup to score one of the most memorable rugby challenges in history. Throughout his career, Lomu has scored 37 times – 15 of which were in World Cup matches – and played 63 tests for New Zealand. His sudden death in 2015 was lamented by colleagues and colleagues from around the world.

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Colin Meads

Colin Meads is considered to be the most iconic rugby player of his time. So much so that he was named New Zealand’s century player in 1999. He was considered the most famous rugby of the 1960s by the International Hall of Fame Rugby, and was also made a New Zealand Companion of Merit (local equivalent of a knight) in 2001. His size and presence made him known as ‘Pinetree’, an alias originally coined by teammate Ken Briscoe. Meads debuted in the province in 1955, played 139 matches for King Country, and joined All Blacks on a 1957 tour in Australia.